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I have been capturing images on the street for about 25 years and am showing what I consider to be the best of them on my new website. Black and white is my chosen medium but some photographs are made for colour and I am including some of these. Within my chosen genre I have shot a lot of street artists -- mostly musicans . I have heard and enjoyed many street bands and solo acts. The pavement can be a tough gig - weather, pay, faceless beaurocrats and the audience can all be challenging. But, as that tired old saying goes - when the going gets tough the tough get going.

Because of this I find that in some ways I have more respect for these entertainers than the very successful major acts with their managers, agents, accountants, lawers and others looking after them. Buskers  are really at the coalface. I once went with the help of my local newspaper to a rock concert in Belfast. I was told that I could only shoot the first three songs of each act from the pit and ordered not to use my camera in between acts anywhere in the arena. Very limiting but I did get to see Tim Wheeler of Ash on stage with his guitar on fire.

In contrast the vast majority of street artists seem really pleased to be photographed and, in appreciation, I have many times e-mailed them some of my resulting images. A couple of exceptions - a bloke in Brighton turned his back to me and a rather elderly member of a jazz band in Paris started bad mouthing me in french. However that's not too bad for over twenty years with camera in hand. 

I do not take the narrow view that street photography has to be actually executed on a street. It is conmmonly accepted nowadays that many locations can be used - pubs, beaches, rural sites and so on.

I would really like to know what you think of my images. You can do this on my contact page. And, of course, if you really like one or two you could click on buy.