Street Music ( colour )

Jazz in Ceret. This was taken in the south of France market town of Ceret. It is right in the centre of Frances cherry producing region. These two musicians are part of a larger jazz band playing in the streets of the area. It's good to see the washboard still being played.
The Harpist in Grafton Street. This image was captured in Dublin and I took it because of the strong and very attractive features of the woman's face.
Mall Music. Taken outside a shopping cente in Solihull, Birmingham. I tried producing this in black and white but it was not nearly as strong an image.
The Accordionist. Again this was taken in Ceret, France. He is a regular street musician in town especially on market days. It was a pleasure on a return visit to give him a couple of prints which he seemed very pleased with.
Market Day in Ceret. I started travelling to Spain, Portugal, Italy and France many years ago and soon noticed that the men in these countries habitually gathered in town and village centres to pass time. It doesn't happen to the same degree in the UK or Ireland and it's unusual to see women in these countries doing this. However, from a street photographers point of view these scenes present rich pickings. They are usually so engrossed in conversation that they don't notice someone looking for candid people shots.
Ben Lennon Ben is a well known and accomplished fiddler from Kiltyclogher in Co. Leitrim, Ireland. I really like the warm glow of the lighting in the pub which is in Derrygonnelly, Co. Fermanagh.
The Saxophonist and the Cyclist Not expecting a lot of music in Hampstead I came across a band playing on the edge of a street market. I decided for some reason to take this shot of the chap with his bicycle and the sax player. I like the back drop of the colourful shop.
One Finger Excercise I have been to Collioure, a lovely unspoilt town on the French Mediterranean coast, quite a few times. This man is a frequent, if not resident, street musician. Having a very pleasant disposition he is here teaching a young girl how to play the accordion.
Barry and the Shy Fiddler Taken about four weeks ago at the Fleadh Cheoil na Eireann in Drogheda. One of the best sessions in town that day. They could switch from Queens " We will rock you " to great traditional irish without a break.
Piper Silhouette Taken outside the first class museum of music in Ceret, France. I do not know the name of the instrument but the sound reminded me very much of the irish uilleann pipes.
Opera in Covent Garden This was taken in the little corner under the stairs in Covent Garden, London reserved for opera and classical music. It is always performed to a very high standard as was the case with this chap in the red waistcoat.
The Session Taken at this years Fleadh Cheoil na Eireann in Drogheda. A typical pub session with plenty of lively music, craic, chat and Guinness.