Street Photography ( Colour )

The Cherry Thief Taken at the excellent little Sunday market in Collioure, France. I was in a queue waiting for my poule fermier ( free range chicken ) when I happened to look up and see this mother bringing cherrys from the fruit stall nearby to her young.
Piazza il Campo in Sienna This is the piazza in Sienna, Tuscany where the famous and thrilling horse race takes place.
The Flamethrower Trafalgar Square in London always presents an opportunity for a shot or two. Even when there is no organised event happening the amount of people coming and going is impressive.
The Food Stall Taken at the Saturday market in Ceret, France.
The Glow of Honey Another image from the market in Ceret, France. The reflection of the honey colours are shown in the young girls face.
Something Fishy A super fish stall in the famous Borough Market in London. I've spent many hours wandering about here with my camera but I never leave without bringing back some eats. There are plenty of stalls supplying food to consume as you walk about. A pork sandwich with crackling and apple sauce washed down with a pint of West Country cider is a treat.
The Mirror I found myself in a lively little street market in Islington, London where I captured this image of a stall which had a large mirror for the buyers.
Say Cheese A magnificent display of cheese in the super Borough Market, London.
The Carousel The Christmas or German Market in Birmingham is quite a big affair and I took this shot of the carousel there. It is really all about the expression on the little girls face.
Lazy Autumn Dog Market day in Ceret, France I noticed this rather slothful looking dog lying amongst the autumn leaves on the footpath.
Guardian of Whales This man who lived on Victoria Is. Canada looked after the welfare of the whales off the coast.
The Bubble One of the many street performers to be enjoyed on the streets of Dublin. This young man was in Grafton Street.