Street Photography in ( B & W)

Bench in Florence A busy square in the centre of Florence --- ideal for candid street images.
The Embrace Taken in Florence, Italy. I must admit to sometimes feeling a little intrusive with a shot like this but if you are passionate about street photography you've just got to press that shutter button.
Snoozin' Taken in my home town, Enniskillen Co. Fermanagh, during the annual 12th July Orange parades. Obviously a very exhausting affair.
I Believe You The setting is market day in Ceret, France. The menfolk gather in groups around the town centre and set the world to rights and , no doubt, tell a few tall tales along the way.
After Mass After mass in a very pretty village called St. Marti D'empuries in north east Spain. There are four separate groups on the bench having a good time exchanging notes.
Hi Taken in Grafton Street, Dublin. Best advice for this lady is to keep on walking and no sudden moves.
Telling It Like It Is One of many images that I have captured in Ceret in the south of France. There is usually one man in the group who has the most information to impart.
The Corset Seller This was taken at a fair day, which is held once a year, in Irvinestown, Co. Fermanagh. I think that this retailer and his corset have been presented with far too great a challenge,
The Dropped Ball Back in Ceret at the terrific Saturday market.
The Gathering More men in Ceret, France taking it easy on a sunny Sunday afternoon at the market.
Bear Going to the Beach This bear sculpture appeared on the seafront at Greystones just south of Dublin a few years ago. It got a mixed reception but I think it is great. Greystones is a lovely village with loads of cafes, pubs and restaurants
Collioure Collective Collioure in the south of France has a market on every Wednesday. The menfolk traditionally gather to exchange news.